Ikjun Won Techra Artist


South Korea | Independent

“I feel Techra carbonsticks are 4/5 times stronger than wooden drumsticks and they always help me to play very subtle expressions for any kind of music with perfect balance and clean tone”

Ikjun Won is a Seoul born musician, composer and educator.

He was a live and recording session drummer of musical ‘Nanta’ which is the most successful and famous musical in Korea.

In 2003, he moved to Toronto, Canada to enroll at Humber College where he studied with Mark Kelso, Ted Warren, Bob Mcrean, Don Vickery.

His ability to play a wide variety of musical styles has helped him become one of Korea’s most sought after drummers.

Ikjun has performed with various jazz musicians; Randy Brecker, Pat LaBarbera, John Macleod, Nancy Walker, Brian Dickinson, Kayo Hiraki, Peter Ehwald and best jazz musicians in Korea.

He’s been playing for famous ‘Singer-Song Writers’ in Korea such as Kang Huh Dalrim, Hyejoo Hong and Imagine.

As a leader he just started a hardbop quartet ‘Way Longer’ expanding his musical fileds into City Choirs, Pops Orchestras and Korean Traditional Music Orchestras.

In addition to his work as a stage musician, Ikjun is currently a professor in the Faculty of Music at Honam Theological University.

He is endorsed by Vongott Drums, Lobenswert Cymbals and Aquarian Drumheads.


2016 광주 한여름밤의 Music Festival 박수용 JazzOrchestra

2016 강허달림 서귀포 ‘야해’ 페스티벌

2016 3rd 서울재즈원더랜드

2016 2nd One Month Festival ‘Way Longer’

2016 피노키오박물관 ‘Jazz in Wonderland’

2016 강허달림 천안예술의전당

2016 1st 광주 Jazz Festival

2016 9th 노원유스챔버 오케스트라 정기연주회

2015 Czech Brno Pops Orchestra ‘뮤지컬, 오케스트라를 만나다’

2015 Japan-Korea River Link Project, Fukuoka Japan

2015 안성예술제 ‘예술로 하나로’

2015 8th 대구 Jazz Festival

2015 1st One Month Festival ‘Way Longer’

2015 한강재즈페스티벌 ‘미드나잇 블루’

2015 울산시립합창단 ‘재즈 울산을 홀리다’

2015 국립국악원 금요공감 ‘목단구름’

2015 수원시립합창단 ‘The Latin Jazz Mass’

2014 광주시립국악관현악단 ‘송년음악회’

2014 1st 서울재즈원더랜드

2014 11th 자라섬 Jazz Festival

2014 11th 국제사랑영화제 개막식 연주

2014 직장인밴드경연대회 심사위원

2014 수원시립합창단 ‘A Little Jazz Mass’

2013 수원시립합창단 ‘Light Mass’

2012 5th 한국재즈열전

2009 사물놀이 캐나다  5th  정기 연주회

2008 Canada Souldrums 강사

2007 Canada Markham Jazz Festival

2003 수원 재즈빅밴드 – Concert of Autumn in 2003

2003 가수 ‘태진아’ 30 주년 기념 콘서트

2002 Seoul Drum Festival

2002 KBS 대통령당선축하공연

2001 국립국악관현악단 ‘국악실내악축제’

2001 힙합 선교단 ‘멘토’  1st  Concert

1998 뮤지컬 ‘난타’ Live & Recording 세션

1997 해군군악대 전역, 12개국순항훈련