Photo Raul Fernandez Techra artist


SPAIN | Independent

Raúl Fernández begins to play drums on 1996, at 15 years old, on a self-taught way. Raúl have played with several artists, groups, orchestras,etc… on the city of Granada, including the mitical granadien bands Canker and Tortura. Principally called by rock and metal bands, also he works with artists and bands of very differents styles. He moved to France in 2012, and continued playing and recording with bands from France, Switzerland, Germany,etc…He recorded/played/toured with Canker,Abyssal Ascendant, Obscurité, Morgan Koech,Gulguta, Sba, Arkhetype, Ikeron, Morior ergo sum, etc… In 2013, he published an instructional book focused on interdependence on drums. Also he is endorser for Varus drums, Arborea cymbals, Drummer damping gel, and collaborator for Antelope Audio and Triggera.