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Born in 1982, Simone “Arconda” Piras is a self-taught Brutal Death Metal drummer. He started playing drums since he was a child, to continue his studies by means of books and tutorial videos. As a matter of fact of his love for velocity, Simone has gained experience over the years, going beyond 300 Bpm with both double pedal and hands, which is now his strong point.

HIGHLIGHTS: Collaboration with Hour of Penance (brutal death metal band from Rome) for whom he recorded SEDITION  (Prosthetic Records 2012) and playied as session drummer in European Tour 2010;  European Tour 2011; USA Tour 2012. Dynamo Bloodshed Fest , (Holland, 2010); Death Feast Ultimate, (Germany, 2010);  4th Mass Deathstruction Festiva l”” (Belgium, 2010);  Death Feast Ultimate (Germany, 2010); In Flammen Festival (Germany, 2011); Hegyajia Fesztival (Poland, 2011); London Deathfest at the Underworld, (UK , 2011); New England Metal & Hardcore Fest at the Palladium (2012); OHIO’S Death on the Vine (2012). In these occasions, Simone with Hop, playied as warm up band, before the shows of: Cannibal Corpse, Nile, Sodom, Napalm Death, Immolation, Macabre, The Black Dahila Murder, Malevolent Creation, Deicide, Belphegor, Skeletonwitch, The Amenta, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Cephalic Carnage, Psycroptic, Ion Dissonance, Dyscarnate.

Simone had another essential cooperation. He played indeed with Patrick Abbate (prog-rock) during the Sardinian Tour (2014).



Simone actually plays drums for this historical Death Metal band from Sardinia. With Worstenemy, he recorded “DECEPTION” (Worm Hole Death ) and playied as warm up band for Death (DTA Tours) . They’re also going to open acts for Morbid Angel, the next 21st of July at Solk and Roll Festival (Sant’Antioco, Italy).


Gor Morgul:

For Gor Morgul (Black Death Metal), Simone recorded two discs: “In the sign of Blackness” (2011), and “Heresy” (2015) produced by “Satanath Records” (EuropeAsia distribution) and “Death Portal Studio” (USA distribution).


Simone recorded the first full lenght album: “The Scourge of Chaos” (Polymorphe Records) with this Death Metal band from Sicily.


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