TECHRA Carbon Drumsticks Trailer

Drums: Luca Martelli – Litfiba

Drumsticks: XCarb 5B


Review: Luca Martelli, Mike Hansen, Peter Yttergren

Techra Carbon Drumsticks

TECHRA Carbon Drumsticks Introduction

Drumsticks: All the lines

A YEON – Warriors

Drumsticks: XCarb 5B


A YEON – Afterlife Cover

Drumsticks: XCarb 5B


Drumsticks: XCarb 2B


A YEON – “Nightmare” by Avenged Sevenfold / Drum Cover

Drumsticks: A Yeon Signature Hammer of the Gods 5A

Luca Martelli at Esse Music / Apapaia by Litfiba

Drumsticks: Luca Martelli Signature COLOSSUS 2B


LUCA MARTELLI – Satisfaction Cover with Piero Pelù

TV Program Celebration – Rai 1

Drumsticks: Colossus 5B

ZHANG AO – Music China 2017 Shanghai

Drumsticks: XCarb 5A


Hammer of the Gods Review

Drums: Francis Cappola

Drumsticks: Hammer of the Gods 5B

Alpha [Playthrough]

Guitar: Felipe Pereira | Drums: Francis Cappola. Instruments: Ibanez Guitar & bass

Techra Carbon Drumsticks, Tama Drums and Diril Cymbals

Home’s Groove Creation

Drums: Alessandro Piovan

Peter Yttergren – Promo Video

The Bobby Kimball Band’s drummer in an amazing session for NAMM 2017

Groove in 125 bpm

Peter Yttergren of Bobby Kimball Band playing a groove in 125 bpm

Musikmesse 2015: TECHRA Drumsticks

Speaker: Alessandro Bordignon, CEO Techra, review  (Italian)

Sijin Li – Musikmesse 2016

Young talented chinese girl playing Techra Drumsticks

Sijin Li Artist Page

Zhang Ao – Musikmesse 2016

12 years old chinese boy with many international awards

He is now a TECHRA Endorsers!

Luca Martelli – Drum Clinic at Esse Music Store

Drumsticks: Luca Martelli signature COLOSSUS 2B

Ikjun Won – “Sea Journey” by Chick Corea


Drumsticks: XCarb 7A

A Yeon – “Eye Of The Tiger” Metal Version Drum Cover

Drumsticks: A Yeon Signature Hammer of the Gods

Jazz Drummer Ayman Boujlida tests Techra

Drumsticks: XCarb 5A