The Black Diamond

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The marathoner, 10 times more durable than wood, from renewable sources

The longest life span ever without compromises. Sticks in which merge perfectly a powerful sound with a comfortable maneuvrability both for fine playing and for hard hitting. From renewable sources. Patented.


A rubber tip is placed at the bottom of the drumstick to help vibration absorption. More comfort and high stiffness allow for tonal expression.

The Black Diamond vs WOOD
BALANCE: Perfectly balanced
PAIRING: Perfectly enhanced
SOUND VOLUME: Excellent and powerful
WEARING: Lower Chips
DURABILITY: More than 10 times
PERFORMANCE: The best durability, very confortable and powerful, the best value for money

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4 reviews for The Black Diamond

  1. Mario Di Nella

    Le mie Bacchette definitive! Bilanciate, super durevoli, controllo, suono definito! Ho provato le COLOSSUS 2B, che dire.. uno spettacolo!!!

  2. brandon

    This is quite a good feeling drumstick and lives up to all the claims listed. I have used them for MANY rehearsals and they barely show any signs of use. They feel great on snares and toms especially. They sound great with no discernable difference in tone on drums whatsoever with a great balance of power and attack without being hard to control. The tone of the tip is reminiscent of a nylon tipped stick, which is totally subjective, but it definitely projects in a live setting. I would imagine these would last MONTHS without having to change/replace due to use. If you are tracking drums or touring, these are 100% Absolutely great value for money.

    My only criticisms would be how the stick feels on a ride cymbal, seems to have a slightly less rebound…or something. Can’t quite put my finger on it. As well as I wish there was an even thicker version in the .630″ diameter range to be more like a true 2B size, these are more like a 5B imo.

  3. Francis

    I’ve been using them for more than 1 year. That’s right 1 year with the same pair of drumsticks, playing metal, high dynamic, and still have the same stiffness. Finally a drumstick brand i can trust!!

  4. Tom

    I agree with a lot of the feedback left by Brandon. The only negative things I have to say about this particular model is the rebound from a heavier ride cymbal can a feel a little different and I think they should be offered in a thicker diameter. The Virgil Donati signature X-Carb is a great size and should really be the minimum go-to size for a 2B stick.

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